The people have spoken and we’ve listened closely, taken note of each comment and mashed them up in one article. It’s not only considered as one of the top beaches of Mexico, but Paradise Beach Club is the all time favorite among hundreds of travelers at a daily basis, and here’s why:


Largest heated swimming pool in Cozumel

So you hop off the cab, and walk into Paradise -literally- and the first thing you’ll see is a large palapa, which is the pool bar and a few steps ahead, voilá: the amazing pool! Hold your horses though, because we know you’ll just want to jump in directly but let me tell you that you are standing in front of the largest heated pool on the island, and it’s completely surrounded by coconut trees… A fun fact about these fellas is that they give the perfect shade and breeze thanks to their large leaves and tall trunks, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the heat. Everyone loves the pool and taking a plunge into its refreshing waters, sitting back on the lounge chairs around it and sipping on their favorite drink or enjoying some snacks, and of course the pool is ideal for kids & grownups!


The All inclusive option

Reaching Paradise Beach is only a 10 minute drive from the cruise terminal, but once you’re there, visitors have several options: paying just the entrance fee, or the all inclusive option. So many travelers pick the latter because of all the perks: all you can eat and drink all day! Unlike most all inclusive resorts on the island which offer buffet menus, Paradise Beach is completely a la carte menu options, meaning you can enjoy international food from any of the two restaurants, all you can eat tacos from the taco truck, and an assortment of drinks (beer, cocktails, sodas) from the bars or the mojito cart. Fellow visitors won’t let me lie, about how great the food is, and even though everyone has their favorite the truth is that at Paradise, all dishes become a favorite for all!


It’s for everyone!

Paradise Beach is family-friendly, couple-frienly, friends-friendly! It’s a beach club that has something for everyone. There’s no restriction of age or type of traveler you are. You could even come on your own, and you’ll still have a great time!


It’s convenient, safe and close to the cruise terminal

One of the best things about Paradise Beach is that you won’t waste time on transfers from the cruise terminal and back, because it’s only a 10 minute drive. The club opens early, so if your ship arrives at 8 am you’ll be able to get in with no problem… And there are always taxis available to take you back to the terminal at any point of the day (this in particular is very convenient for cruise ship travelers). Paradise is a very safe place too, for people of all ages!


The water toys AKA the Fun Pass… It’s truly an adrenaline ride!

There are some visitors who aren’t really looking to sit down and relax all day, but rather something that gets them moving. That’s what the Fun Pass is for! The Fun Pass is also an all-time-favorite because it allows tourists to enjoy a water park right there on the property… Featuring climbing structures, water trampolines, slides, and floating beds. There’s a lot more to Paradise Beach than this, of course! These are just some popular reasons why visitors love the club so much, and keep coming back year after year. It’s a definite must when in Cozumel, it’s a great option if you’re arriving by cruise ship and it’s a completely friendly and fun place to spend the day… It’s quite literally: Paradise!

Paradise Beach is located 5 miles from the international cruise ship pier,
and open from 8 am to 5 pm


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    Phone: 011 52 (987) 689 00 10
    Calling from the US: 305 330 4336
    Address: Carretera costera sur km 14.5,
    Zona hotelera Sur, 77600 Cozumel,
    Quintana Roo, México