You’ve chosen Cozumel island for your upcoming vacations… But where will you head off to, once you’re there?

Don’t worry because we’re here for you! We want to help out in every possible way so your dream vacation in Cozumel goes as planned.

Pick your beach spot, depending on the answers to the following questions:

Who’s traveling?

If you travel with kids, you must choose a family friendly beach, with enough activities to keep the children busy and entertained. If you travel with your loved one, then we suggest a beach with options for you and your significant other (so you get a massage together for example)… and if you’re traveling with friends, then make sure you pick a lively beach spot with the right balance between relaxing and loud music and fun activities.

Adventure or relaxation? Shopping or adrenaline?

You don’t have to pick one if you don’t want to… All you need to do is choose a place that has a bit of everything. For example, a place that lets you completely relax and disconnect from the world, that also has spaces for adventures and fun rides, while at the same time shopping and delicious food.

At the end of the day, ask yourself one question: What kind of overall mood am I looking for? Full relaxation, adventure or shopping sprees everywhere? And pick a beach spot according to those!

Read the reviews

Go on Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor and check out the reviews of potential beach spots. Make sure you pick a place with more good reviews than bad ones (be smart though, read the “why’s” behind every bad review -there’s always haters who hate out there for no apparent reason-). Read the last 10 or 15 reviews, read the comments and pick a spot considering what fellow travellers say about it!

Remember that Paradise Beach Club has it all: it’s family friendly, couple friendly and friends-friendly!

Like the old saying goes: collect experiences, not things. At Paradise Beach you’ll get to live a new experience, where you choose what you do: relax, feel the adrenaline rush, shop, enjoy the beach, and -of course- delicious food and drinks!

Paradise Beach is located 5 miles from the international cruise ship pier,
and open from 8 am to 5 pm


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